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Trainee Therapy Dog

Evie is works with Alana on Wednesdays and Thursdays at Yellow Gum Studio. She is a medium sized (adult knee height) mini groodle born in 2021. Her mum was half golden retriever and half mini poodle and her dad was a mini poodle making her an F1B Groodle. Her fur is a lovely redish brown and non-shedding.

Evie is a fast learner and loves to perform some tricks. She also loves pats and likes to be closeby to people. She enjoys sitting up on her chair to watch people make art or having a nap.

Evie has been trained by Service Animals Australia extensively to be safe for working with all kinds of people. It is important that clients still listen to her handler on how to approach Evie to help her ongoing training as a therapy dog.

You can follow Evie on tiktok @artdoggo

or see some occassional updates about Evie on Alana's instagram @findingwellbeing

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