What our
therapists offer

Art Therapy

Using art materials and creative methods to express and process emotions and build positive sense of self. Grounded in humanistic psychotherapy. No art skills required, for all ages.

Play Therapy

Synergetic Play Therapy®️ to support children and teens to express emotions through play, work through personal conflicts and develop emotional regulation skills.

Creative Arts Therapy

The same principles as Art Therapy but using multiple art forms (visual arts, dance, movement, writing, music) to express and explore self, heal and find personal growth.

Group Art Therapy

Therapy groups for children and youth to support social needs, self confidence and positive identity. Using art making for self-expression. Neurodiversity affirming therapuetic approach.


Person-centered and trauma-informed counselling. Help to reflect and process emotional challenges, understand self, identify personal strengths and work towards goals.

Forest Therapy

A therapeutic group service outdoors. To support tuning into senses and connecting with nature for improving health and wellbeing and providing a positive relaxing experience.