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Georgie Markay

Registered Art Therapist, Synergetic Play Therapist

Contact Info:

Lilly Pilly Art Therapy, Play Therapy & Counselling

At our studio: FRI



Georgie (she/her), from her private practice "Lilly Pilly Art Therapy, Play Therapy & Counselling", is an Registered Art Therapist (ANZACATA) and certified Synergetic Play Therapist® available at Yellow Gum Art Therapy Studio on Fridays. Georgie is passionate about advocating for children, supporting them to find their voice through creativity and play designed to nurture, regulate, enhance self awareness, and promote healthy relationships.

She offers a unique blend of creative arts techniques with play therapy skills for a specialised intervention to children seeking healing and growth. Georgie has worked for over 7 years with children and families experiencing family violence and homelessness and prides herself on offering a child-focused, trauma-informed approach to wellbeing. She also works to support children of all neurodiversities in overcoming social and emotional challenges, helping to find their happy, authentic selves.

Georgie’s style of therapy combines her training in parent-child session work, trauma neurobiology, childhood development, stress & nervous system reactivity, mindfulness, attunement & attachment, and the importance of authenticity for leading a healthy life.

Georgie Markay
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