Art Therapy Groups
We use art materials for self expression and do not provide art skills teaching. Our groups are run as therapy to support mental health/social goals. 

Art & Craft Groups
Involves teaching art and craft processes to end up with a finished creation. Relaxed supportive environment, focusing on wellbeing over perfecting techniques. 

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Art Therapy Group

Youth and adults who identify as being neurodivergent and enjoy making art. Open studio group with neurodivergent identity exploration and positive discussions.

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Art Therapy Group

Children's Group for 8-11 who have disability needs. Open studio approach with activities to support kids to regulate and express themselves and build positive identity.

Craft Supplies

Art & Craft Group

Learn art and craft processes in a relaxed supportive environment. Focusing on enjoyment and general wellbeing - "Art as Therapy"

For youth and adults.

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